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Distracted Driving Causes Serious Injuries and Fatalities

 Posted on January 11, 2023 in Car accidents

TX car accident lawyerFew of us can get away from the need to regularly drive, and the boredom of sitting in traffic or the frenzied rush of the morning commute can make it hard to give our full attention to the road in front of us. Despite laws against texting and driving, car accidents due to distracted driving are on the rise and over 3,000 people die in distracted driving-related car crashes every year.

While the reasons for being distracted while driving are many and varied, fundamentally there is no excuse for endangering other people on the road. The vast majority of serious car accidents could be avoided if people were simply willing to wait to address the distracting elements in their vehicles. If you have been badly injured or had someone you love killed in a car crash caused by a driver who was not paying attention to the road, you know this better than anyone and deserve the help of a skilled Texas personal injury lawyer.

What Kinds of Distractions Cause the Most Accidents?

Distractions while driving come in many forms. Teenagers are often most susceptible to being distracted, both by their phones and their friends. However, adults are often distracted as well, and fail to give their full attention to the road because they are giving it to:

  • Changing the radio
  • Plugging in their phone
  • Manipulating a GPS service
  • Putting on makeup
  • Responding to a child’s needs in the backseat
  • Talking on the phone or with another passenger
  • Rubber-necking at an accident on the road

What Are the Consequences of Distracted Driving?

As mentioned earlier, the consequences of distracted driving can be fatal. However, even when car crashes do not result in the wrongful death of another driver or passenger, their consequences can still be grievous. Serious injuries to essential body parts like the brain and spinal cord can cause long-term difficulties moving, walking, and working. Broken bones, cuts, and burns are common as well, requiring extensive medical treatment and sometimes causing permanent scarring. Many people are left unable to work and provide for their families or face the tragic loss of relationships because they are physically or mentally impotent after an accident.

Call a San Antonio, TX Car Accident Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered an injury or loss of a loved one because someone else was driving while distracted, you deserve to know your options. While pursuing compensation will never undo the accident or bring back someone who has passed away, it can provide crucial assistance for those learning to live after a debilitating car crash. Call the experienced team of Bexar County personal injury attorneys with Alford & Associates at 210-951-9467 to schedule a free, confidential consultation.





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