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San Antonio Jackknifed Truck Wreck Attorney

Bexar County jackknife 18-wheeler wreck attorney

San Antonio Jackknifed Truck Wreck Lawyer Serving Bexar County

While there are multiple types of commercial truck accidents that can occur, some of the most dangerous involve jackknifed trucks. In these cases, a truck driver may lose control, causing their trailer to swing around into a position where the cab and trailer resemble a folding pocketknife. This may cause the truck to collide with other vehicles, especially if a trailer blocks the road and the driver is unable to move the truck without assistance. In some of these accidents, a truck may roll over, and this could result in spilled cargo that may present additional dangers to others, especially if the truck was carrying hazardous materials. Drivers, passengers, or others who were injured in these types of accidents will need to determine who was responsible, which will allow them to pursue compensation that addresses their injuries and damages.

Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys knows how dangerous 18-wheeler crashes can be, and we are dedicated to helping victims take action against the negligent parties who caused them harm. We understand the factors that often lead to these types of accidents, and we have seen first-hand the problems that families can experience in the aftermath of a collision. When you are dealing with medical bills, temporary or permanent disabilities, and repairing or replacing a damaged vehicle, the last thing you want to worry about is fighting with insurance companies to make sure you receive the proper coverage. We can help you stand up to large corporations, and we will fight tirelessly to make sure you receive the financial compensation you need as you recover from this difficult experience.

Common Causes of Jackknifed Trucks

Multiple parties may be at fault for a collision in which a truck became jackknifed. A truck driver may lose control due to issues such as:

  • Speeding - Jackknifing may be caused by a truck driver who was traveling at an unsafe speed. Even if a driver was obeying the speed limit, they may have been traveling too fast to safely slow down due to traffic or when negotiating curves. If a driver slams on their brakes suddenly, their truck may go into a skid, causing their trailer to swing across multiple lanes of traffic and collide with other vehicles.
  • Driver fatigue - Drowsiness can significantly affect a person's ability to safely control an 18-wheeler. A driver who nods off while behind the wheel will be likely to lose control, and this can lead to jackknifing when they wake up and make sudden corrections.
  • Distracted driving - Even a momentary lapse in attention when a driver checks their phone, talks to others using a truck's radio, or attempts to eat and drink while driving may lead to a loss of control, and a truck's trailer may swing out of position and lead to a jackknife accident.
  • Equipment failure - Problems with or other systems can affect a driver's ability to safely control their truck. If a driver is unable to slow down or stop correctly, or if there are issues that affect their ability to steer the truck, it may be impossible to avoid going into a skid and colliding with other vehicles.
  • Dangerous roads - Multiple types of inclement weather, such as snow, ice, heavy rain, or strong winds, can affect a driver's ability to control their truck, especially if they do not have the training or experience that will ensure that they can drive safely in these conditions. Other conditions may make roads dangerous, such as disrepair leading to issues such as large potholes. A road may also be designed unsafely, such as by using tight corners that make it more likely that a truck driver will lose control and go into a skid.

Contact Our San Antonio Jackknife Truck Accident Lawyers

While a truck driver's negligence may be responsible for a jackknife accident, multiple parties may be liable, including trucking companies that failed to provide the proper training or ensure that a truck's equipment was working properly, as well as a local government that did not address dangerous conditions on a road. Our attorneys can help identify the liable parties in these cases, and we will work with victims to ensure that they will be fully compensated for all expenses related to an accident. Contact our firm today and set up a free consultation by calling 210-951-9467. We have offices in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston, and Austin, and we provide legal representation to people throughout all of the state of Texas.

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