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San Antonio Catastrophic Injury Attorney

San Antonio Catastrophic Injury Attorney

What Is A Catastrophic Injury?

While injuries can occur in a variety of situations, they can vary significantly in how they affect a victim and their loved ones. While some injuries may be relatively mild, and a person may be able to recover after receiving the proper treatment, others can be much more serious. A catastrophic injury is a severe and debilitating injury that often has life-long consequences. If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury due to someone else's negligence, you may be able to pursue financial compensation.

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys can make sure you take the proper steps to address a catastrophic injury. We will help you determine who was responsible for an injury and the ways their negligence put you at risk of being injured. We can then assist in pursuing the compensation you deserve, including repayment for your past and future medical expenses, income lost while recovering from your injuries, impairments to your future income-earning capacity due to disabilities, and pain and suffering.

Legal Help With Different Types of Severe Injuries

Catastrophic injuries may include multiple types of serious bodily harm that result in severe physical and/or psychological damage. Catastrophic injuries can have a profound and long-lasting impact on the lives of victims and their families. They may include:

  • Brain injuries - Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) may occur in situations such as car accidents when victims strike their heads on objects or otherwise experience damage to brain tissue. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) may affect a person who experiences regular low-impact blows to the head or body, and this condition may affect athletes, military personnel, or others. Brain injuries can result in physical impairments, cognitive deficits, behavioral changes, and multiple other long-term or permanent health issues.
  • Spinal cord injuries - Injuries to the back, neck, and spine can result in a loss of sensation and movement below the injury site, potentially leading to chronic pain, loss of mobility, and paralysis. These injuries may involve fractured vertebrae, herniated discs, and damage to nerves in the spinal cord. Extensive medical care such as surgery and physical therapy may be needed, and people who suffer from these injuries may experience life-long impairments.
  • Severe burn injuries - Serious burns can range from mild to catastrophic, and in some cases, they may result in permanent scarring and disabilities. Burns may occur in a variety of ways, such as car accidents, fires at home or at work, contact with hot liquids or surfaces, or electrical shocks. Some burn injuries may also lead to infections or other medical complications that further impact a person's health and quality of life.
  • Amputations - The loss of a limb can cause significant physical and emotional challenges for victims and their families. These injuries may result from car accidents, construction accidents, and other incidents where victims' limbs become crushed or severed. Prosthetics and other assistive devices, home and vehicle modifications, and long-term physical and occupational therapy may be needed. Victims may also experience severe pain and a loss of their previous mobility and independence, as well as significant emotional trauma.
  • Explosion injuries - Explosions can result in catastrophic injuries such as burns, amputations, and traumatic brain injuries. These accidents may occur due to defects or malfunctions in products such as appliances or fire pits, gas leaks due to faulty propane tanks, industrial accidents, or chemical spills.

Contact Our Bexar County Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

If you have experienced a catastrophic injury, pursuing compensation for your damages can ensure that you and your family will be able to move forward and avoid future financial problems. An experienced personal injury attorney at Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys can work with you to recover the compensation you deserve. We will fight for your rights, ensuring that the person or company that was responsible for your injuries will be held accountable, we will do everything we can to make sure you will have the resources you need to meet the needs of yourself and your family in the years to come. Contact our firm today by calling 210-951-9467 and setting up your complimentary consultation.

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