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Jacob Alford


Jacob Alford is a San Antonio native and a Texas trial attorney. He has successfully resolved thousands of cases in favor of injured Texans and tried numerous cases to jury verdict. He is ranked as a “Super Lawyer” by Thomson Reuters, a “Top Attorney” by Texas Monthly, and “One to Watch” by Best Lawyers. He has handled a wide range of personal injury cases, but now focuses mainly on the firm’s commercial-vehicle cases.

Jacob has won numerous Top 100 jury verdicts in Texas – including the highest personal-injury verdict in Austin last year for a car wreck without a death. He is a proud member of The State Bar of Texas, Christian Trial Lawyers, The American Association for Justice, Texas Trial Lawyers, Capitol Association Trial Lawyers, and San Antonio Trial Lawyers – where he serves as the Vice President of Finance.

Jacob received his law degree from The University of Texas School of Law, which is often called “The Harvard of the South.” There, he won Senior Mock Trial Champion, was elected Mock Trial Director, and was inducted into The Order of Barristers, which recognizes the Top-10 advocates from a class of 400 students.

While Jacob takes pride in being called a “good lawyer,” he takes much more pride in being called “dad” and told “I love you” by his family. He believes that any real trial lawyer falls in love with his clients and protects their families like his own. He makes a habit of sitting at his client’s kitchen table before introducing that client to a jury. Many lawyers want to win for their ego, but Jacob did not grow up wealthy and does not care for shiny things. All the money and gold stars in the world will never motivate him. Jacob’s competitive and aggressive work ethic comes from a love for his clients and a passion for the little guy.

Jacob started working in a family restaurant before the age of 10 and went straight from school to work – from the time he was eye-level with a kitchen counter. He has worked as a busboy, a dishwasher, a waiter, a cook, and a bartender. He has worked in motorcycle shops, oil refineries, and on shrimp boats. He is not above cleaning toilets, mopping floors, and getting up before the sun. Jacob lived on a budget for most of his life and worked 70-80 hours most of college. He can tell his client’s life stories to juries in a way most lawyers simply cannot.

Prior to opening Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys in 2016, Jacob worked in San Antonio for United States District Court Judge Xavier Rodriguez, in Austin for a prestigious commercial litigation firm, in New Mexico for a large defense firm, and in Houston for a large personal injury firm.

Jacob left Houston to return home to his large family in San Antonio, which includes both in-laws and outlaws. He now lives in San Marcos, Texas with the love of his life and six children – three boys and three girls. He spends most of his free time with his kids, but occasionally sneaks off to ride motorcycles with his brothers or hunt/fish with his cousins. Jacob usually commutes to the firm’s Austin office two days a week and the San Antonio office three days a week.

Jacob formed the firm of Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys with his best friend: Will Clark. He and Will share a common resolve to protect the little guy from the greedy tactics of the insurance industry. Jacob believes that the 7th Amendment (the right to trial by jury) is a community’s right to defend itself from corporate greed, similar to the purpose of the 2nd Amendment for individuals. He strongly believes that lawsuit reform infringes on the right of a community to protect itself. Jacob and Will take one week off each legislative session to work for free in Austin fighting new laws that big corporations push in their effort to erode the 7th Amendment.

Attorney Highlight featuring Jacob Alford of Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys

Jacob Alford is a San Antonio, Texas native and a Texas trial attorney. He has successfully resolved thousands of cases in favor of injured Texans, and he has tried numerous cases to jury verdict. He has handled motorcycle accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, bus accidents, train accidents, bicycle accidents, auto-pedestrian accidents, auto accidents, drowning accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, dog bite attacks, workplace accidents, refinery accidents, plant explosions, and wrongful death tragedies.


  • University of Texas School of Law – Juris Doctorate

Awards & Recognition:

  • Best Lawyers, Ones To Watch
  • “Super Lawyer” as recognized by Thompson Reuters
  • “Top Attorney” as recognized by Texas Monthly
  • “One to Watch” as recognized by Best Lawyers
  • Top 100 Motor-Vehicle Verdicts in Texas, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022
  • Capitol Association Trial Lawyers, Member
  • San Antonio Trial Lawyers, Board Member
  • Texas Trial Lawyers Association, Membership Committee
  • MENSA, Member
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