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What to Do After an Uber Driver Ran a Red Light and Hit Me

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Austin personal injury lawyerBeing hit by a negligent Uber driver can leave you confused and overwhelmed. You may think moving forward is going to be daunting, but with help from your side, it is not as complex. Here are important steps to take after an Uber driver runs a red light and crashes into your vehicle and how a Texas lawyer can help.

File a Police Report

If you did not think to get a police report during the rideshare incident, you still can now. All you have to do is contact your local police station, and they can give you a copy. There may be a small fee. The report will contain key details like witness statements, vehicle positions, and any traffic violations cited. This evidence will help support an injury claim and negotiations with insurance companies.

Gather Evidence from the Scene

If you did not get any photos on the day of the accident, make sure to take photos of your injury now. Also, be sure to capture any photos of vehicle damage and any other relevant evidence. Be sure to get pictures of the intersection showing the rideshare driver violated the traffic light. Having a witness is an excellent source of evidence as well.

Document Your Collision Injuries

Make sure to receive prompt medical treatment for any pain or injuries caused by the collision. Comprehensively document symptoms, including headaches, soreness, and emotional distress. Save all receipts for medical visits, physical therapy, medications, medical equipment, and other expenses.

Report the Incident to Insurance Companies

Notify your insurance provider about the accident and that the other motorist was an Uber driver. File a claim with Uber’s insurance as well. However, if the driver were not actively online with the Uber app or were not in route to pick up a passenger, their personal insurance would likely be the one to contact.

Calculate Lost Income from Missed Work

Keep track of any lost wages resulting from missing work due to your accident injuries. Gather documentation like pay stubs and a statement from your employer confirming time off related to the collision. Lost income will be included in your claim.

Contact an Austin, TX Personal Injury Lawyer

When you go through a case like this, having legal representation on your side is beneficial. You deserve to heal from your injuries and stress less knowing you have someone on your side. Contact a San Antonio, TX personal injury attorney. Call Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys at 210-951-9467 for a free consultation.

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